Bladder infection: is it unavoidable?

April 29, 2018
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Bladder infection: is it unavoidable?

No ways of losing weight matters when you feel some kind of pain or discomfort. A bladder infection is one of the most annoying ones. It is not only painful – it can lead to bigger health problems. Besides, some of people have a recurring infection. For them UTI symptoms can become almost a part of their daily life. But to say that this infection is unavoidable is to lie.

Diagnosing an infection

There are some specific and generic symptoms that can speak for a bladder infection. They can differ because of the age, sex or seriousness of the infection. For example:

  • Children that have an UTI may appear generally unwell, weak, irritated. They can also avoid peeing because of the pain. In this case children can be involuntary wetting themselves. Moreover, their body temperature may become higher.
  • Women generally suffer from UTI more often. They can be bothered by additional pelvic pain.
  • Men can feel rectal pain.
  • Older people can become easily agitated, confused.

Usually both men and women notice UTI symptoms that are very similar. They can feel unwell because of the painful urinating, the sudden urge to pee, need to visit the restroom very often. Besides, those who have an UTI can notice blood in the urine or other unusual signs: different (darker) color, cloudiness, strong, foul odour.

Usually a urine test is needed to diagnose this disease. For men, a swab test can be done too. The doctor may also check other indicators, for example ask if you feel pain in your lower back.

What to do if the infection recurs?

If it’s not the first time you’re feeling UTI symptoms, you should definitely mention it to your doctor. Besides, it is very important to make sure that it is the bladder infection that bothers you. The pain can be caused by many other health issues.

If a recurring UTI is diagnosed, you can try to avoid it next time. You should make sure to drink a lot of water. It is also useful to drink cranberry juice. If you’re a woman, try urinating every time after a sexual intercourse. Make sure you wipe your genitals after bowel movement from front to back. Also, do your best to empty the bladder completely. This way you can stop the infection from recurring and feel generally better.


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