Different toothpaste – how to pick right one?

September 18, 2018
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Different toothpaste – how to pick right one?

We use toothpaste every single day. We should give more attention to searching the right one. Of course, you can have good recommendations in the professional medical centre. Dublin has “Sandyford Healthcare” clinic where you can find reliable and experienced odonatologist.

No whitening toothpaste

If your tooth is very sensitive, toothpaste with a whitening function can increase the sensitivity of your tooth. You should also consider an appointment to odontologist: this way you will be sure that you will not damage your teeth. Usually, if you have healthy and strong teeth there should be no worries about damaging your tooth with toothpaste.

Fluoride toothpaste – almost for everyone

This paste contains ingredients which prevent tooth damage, mouth problems and oral illness.  If you want to be sure about this decision to go to the medical centre. Dublin, “Sandyford Healthcare” clinic is the right place to find one. Paste with fluoride should be part of your daily routine – also if you have some special condition or serious oral problems you should consult with doctors first.

Natural toothpaste

This type of toothpaste contains only natural ingredients. It’s important to notice, that his toothpaste may not have ingredients which would help to keep your teeth white and healthy. Natural paste best suits for those, who are afraid to use synthetic cleaning products. Of course, you have to know if your natural toothpaste does not have ingredients that could cause allergy for you. In the medical centre (Dublin) you will find “Sandyford Healthcare” clinic where work competitive odontologists – they will help you to find out if toothpaste ingredients are right for you.

No experiments at home

If you want to make toothpaste yourself, be sure that this is really safe because it can damage your enamel. You must inform your dentist about your experiments at home – otherwise, you could destruct your teeth. Of course, there are some home products that are considered to be safe like baking soda and lemon acid. But it can scratch your enamel so be careful.

Toothpaste’s flavour – it’s your individual choice. In the medical centre (Dublin) you will find “Sandyford Healthcare” clinic where works true professionals. You also could bring your toothpaste – it will be easier to find out if you need some changes in tooth cleaning routine.


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